Kongsfjordelva 22.6 00 AM - 24.8 12PM.




Zone I1.Spoon-bait/max. 12 grain22.6. 00 AM - 10.7. 12 PM

2.Worm with lead 22.6. 00 AM - 30.6. 12 PM

3.Worm without lead01.7. 00 AM - 31.7. 12 PM

4.Fly with sinking line22.6. 00 AM - 10.7. 12 PM

5.Fly only with floating line11.7. 00 AM - 24.8. 12 PM


Sinking line and heavy flies are not allowed if the river level is less than 4 m3


Night protection:01:00 – 06:00 AM (only zone I)

Zone protection: from Porten → 100 m above Fossvannet (600m total)


Zone IISame rules as Zone I22.6. 00 PM - 24.8. 12 AM

Gressdammen is protected, see the notic by the river.

Zone IIIProtected.


General notices:


  1. 1.Arctic char is protected and shall be released.


  1. 2.The combination of worm and fly together is not allowed.

Worm fishing performed with worm. Up tied fly is not allowed.

Fly-fishing performs with fly.

Other tackles and combinations are illegal.


  1. 3.By using worm, the hook gap can be max 15 mm measured between the hook trunk and hook tip. Lead means hailstone with max weight 3 grains.


3.by using fly-fishing, up tied fly is allowed and max size number 2 is allowed on single hook and number 6 is allowed on double/treble hook.


4.Adults have to buy fishing card (licence), by carry on training children in the pools. Training has to be on land.

Children under 12 years can use quill together with fly or worm if they not are disturbing other fishers.


  1. 5.Bag-limit each day per person: Max 2 salmons. Bag limit for the season per person: Max 15 salmons.


  1. 6.In the period of August 1th 00 AM to August 24th 12 PM all salmons over 3 kg/65 cm are protected and shall be released immediately.


Remember movable fishing and keep the river/pools free of garbage/trash.

Remember! You are a visitor in a nationally watercourse.


If you don’t comply with the rules, you can be excluded from the Kongsfjord river.